The Firm

"It's my opinon that let know our businnes illustrating about the commercial and productive philosophy is the easiest and more prompt way to earn market's condidence. "

Walter Pilloni
Managing Director

TEKNIT, with its production of professional and multilayer PCB, in eighteen years'time has consolidated its presence in the national in fields such as:

• Telecommunications
• Information
• Technology
• Military
• Technology
• Transports
• Electronics
• Others

The company, set since its establishment in the prospect of investments which aim at maintaining high technological level, goes ou purchaising new production equipments and acquiring more and more up to date Know-How responding to the demands of market in continuous evolution. This has guaranted the maintenance of a competitive quality standard, as it can offer, process and specific tests during the various processing phases, a professional product proveded with Certificate of Conformity. In 1991 the Company achieved the certification of own quality system according to norms Uhll EN 29002 (ISO 9002) 9170 TEKI. All goods meet the UL 1VO 3VO file nr. 107788 omologation. The Firm employes a staff of 25 (Twenty Five) people and covers an area of 1500 mq. in a new factory set in the industrial heart of the western quarters of the town (1 Km. from the highway- exit Genova -Airport on the Via Aurelia) and rationally projected and built for the specific purpose and utilization. The Company, for its own choice, tents towards the production of small/medium series and for that reason identifies itself with the service sector, able to satisfy the numerous needs linked with small quantities and quick delivery.

"Nowadays is the technology to dictate the rule of the company's success. For this fact we continue sistematically to buy new equipments following the state of art." W.P.